Sarcoidosis can affect every organ, about what organ do you want to become wiser?

Welcome to the 'Sarcoïdose Wijzer', where you become wiser about sarcoidosis. Sarcoidosis is a disorder of the immune system which can affect multiple organ systems. On this site you can find more information about sarcoidosis care in the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam.

What is sarcoidosis?

Sarcoidosis is a chronic disease. It is a disorder of the immune system, causing a conglomeration of inflammatory cells, the so called 'granulomas'. These granulomas can occur in every part of the human body. They can develop in every organ system and can lead to damage and scarring. The cause of the disease is currently unknown. We think that it is an exgagerated response to a so far unknown stimulus in patients who are vulnerable to develop the disease. Because it is a so-called multisystem disease, patients with sarcoidosis are being treated by multiple specialities. That means that these patients can see a variety of doctors during the disease course. In the Academic Medical Center, these specialities work together in a multidisciplinary team. Among others, pulmonology, rheumatology and neurology closely work togheter to improve the care for these patients. To do this we have specialized outpatient clinics, like the neurosarcoidosis outpatient clinic, and multidisciplinary meetings, like the 'KIR meeting'. Furthermore we conduct scientific research. To find out more about us or to learn more about referrals, pleas click on the buttons below. 

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