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Sarcoidosis is one of the main focuses of the AMC and patients are being treated in a multidisciplinary team. Patients can be referred by other specialists like the lung doctor, the neurologist, or the general practitioner for advice on additional diagnostics or treatment. We are a tertiary referral center for sarcoidosis. Below you can find information about the procedures at the outpatient clinic but also during admission.

Department of ophthalmology

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Ophthalmology outpatient clinic

In the AMC at the ophthalmology outpatient clinic we see a lot of patient with sarcoidosis and eye involvement. During your visit of our outpatient clinic we will try to evaluate your complaints and to give you advice concerning diagnostics and treatment options. The specialist concerning the organ that is affected most severely will be responsible for the treatment. Most frequently this will be the lung doctor or the neurologist.br /> The AMC is an university hospital. U will first be examined by a medical intern ('coassistent') and a resident (specialist in training). By doing the anamnesis and physical examination themeselves they learn how to perform the profession. They are supervised by an experienced medical specialists, who will (if necessary) repeat part of the examinations and will discuss the next steps in the diagnostic process or treatment. On follow-up appointments you will most frequently be seen by a resident. You can find the dermatology outpatient clinic in the outpatient clinic building on level A0. If necessary we can perform laboratory test. Blood will be withdrawn at the 'laboratorium bloedafname' on q0.

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Tertiary referral center sarcoidosis AMC

We are a tertiary referral center for patients with sarcoidosis. Healthcare for patients with sarcoidosis can be complex. Our opinion is that because the disease is relatively rare, care for these patients with severe manifestations of the disease should be performed preferably in a few specialised hospitals. We want to improve healthcare for these patients. Part of this is a specialist outpatient clinic for sarcoidosis patients with a multidisciplinary approach. Additionally we have started various scientific research projects, aimed at improving the diagnostic process and treatment of this disease. Below you can find more information concerning the research we are conducting, who we are and how you can refer patients to us.

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