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Sarcoidosis is one of the main focuses of the AMC and patients are being treated in a multidisciplinary team. Patients can be referred by other specialists like the lung doctor, the neurologist, or the general practitioner for advice on additional diagnostics or treatment. But also patients with a history of sarcoïdosis with additional questions can be referred. It is important to refer to the specialist with expertise on the organ that is most severely involved.

Referrals to our center

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Because it is of uttermost importance to us to have an overview of your sarcoidosis related medical history, a referral from your general practicioner or specialist is essential. Also, please make sure that the referral includes previous sarcoidosis related medical correspondence and previous conducted ancillary investigations including imaging studies. It is possible that you will be contacted by our secretariat before your first visit to the AMC to give consent for us to request additional medical information from other hospitals, to give us complete overview.

In sarcoidosis multiple organ systems can be involved. Therefore, it is important that you are referred to the right specialist with an expertise concerning the involved organ. When you mainly have complaints of the lung you will be seen by the pulmonary medicine department, while when the neurological symptoms are predominant you will be seen by the neurology department. Consult with your general practicioner or specialist to refer you to the right speciality. More information about how your general practitioner or medical specialist can refer you to our center you can find on the healthcare professional part of this website (you can find a link below). When you have any questions on how you can be referred to our center you can fill in the contact form below. Please fill in that you are a patient and if you have a question for a specific speciality.

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Tertiary referral center sarcoidosis AMC

We are a tertiary referral center for patients with sarcoidosis. Healthcare for patients with sarcoidosis can be complex. Our opinion is that because the disease is relatively rare, care for these patients with severe manifestations of the disease should be performed preferably in a few specialised hospitals. We want to improve Healthcare for these patients. Part of this is a specialist outpatient clinic for sarcoidosis patients with a multidisciplinary approach. Additionally we have started various scientific researchprojects, aimed at improving the diagnostic process and treatment of this disease. Below you can find more information concerning who we are andwhat kind of research we are conducting.

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