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Sarcoidosis is a multisysteem disorder. Therefore, various specialities are involved in care for patients with sarcoidosis in a multidisciplinary fashion. Below you can find information concerning the departments ophthalmology, cardiology, gastro-enterology and ear, nose and throat. You will find information on how to refer patients to our center and concerning the research we are conducting.

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Because sarcoidosis is a multisystem disease various specialists are involved. Depending on the organ involvement and the presentation patients will be referred to the ophthalmology, cardiology, gastro-enterology and ear, nose and throat. As part of the routine diagnostic work-up of newly diagnosed patients, patients will be referred to ophthalmology and cardiology to exclude eye and cardiac disease involvement. Furthermore, many of these specialist will attend the weekly multidisciplinary meeting on Friday (the KIR meeting).

Tertiary referral center sarcoidosis AMC

We are a tertiary referral center for patients with sarcoidosis. Care for patients with sarcoidosis is complex. Our opinion is that because the disease is relatively rare, care for these patients with severe manifestations of the disease should preferably be performed in a few specialized hospitals. We want to improve healthcare for these patients. Part of this is a specialist outpatient clinic for sarcoidosis patients with a multidisciplinary approach. Additionally, we have started various scientific research projects, aimed at improving the diagnostic process and treatment of this disease. Below you can find more information concerning the pulmonary medicine department, who we are, what kind of research we are conducting and how you can refer patients to us.

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